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0% Car Finance

What is it? 0% car finance is interest free loans. This means that you don’t pay any interest on your monthly payments, so the payments go diretly to paying off a car, you usually end up paying as much as an actual car buyer would, just not all at once. 0% car finance can be […]

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How to become debt free.

List your debts. In order to become debt free, you need to take a stock list of your debts. This means confirming the balances of all your over drafts, credit cards and loans, and then find out the amount of interest you’re being charged on each. Budgeting         Use a spread sheet to itemise how […]

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How to get car finance with bad credit.

Identify and fix problems with your credit report Make sure you have your full credit history, by doing this you can re-evaluate how you handle your money and if you need to do anything to improve it and manage your money better. You have to make sure that there’s no mistakes in your credit profile […]

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Myles Cunliffe – the driving force behind the business.

myles cunliffe

A PASSION for cars and a desire to help those with a poor credit rating was the impetus and driving force behind Myles Cunliffe becoming involved in car finance almost 20 years ago. In 2010, Myles felt he’d gained extensive experience and knowledge of the industry to start his own company. His aim was to […]

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Get Me Car Finance Launch Leasing

Get Me Car Finance who have been a traditional online car finance broker for over 12 years have recently launched their own Leasing product which is aimed at people with poor credit.

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