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ARE you interested in making an incredible return of up to 12 per cent on your capital?

Buy to Lease offers those who want their money work for them, a fantastic opportunity of realising great earnings on their cash. Buy to Lease purchases a vehicle on behalf of the financier and then registers it in the buyer’s name. 

Its sister company, Get Me Car Finance, then carefully hand-picks the right client to lease the car to and pays the owner a quarterly hire fee.

Buy to Lease meticulously inspects every vehicle, ensuring it passes the company’s stringent quality criteria, before a purchase is made. It is then contractually leased to Get Me Car Finance over a three-year period.

All vehicles are fully tracked for peace of mind and all leasing and management of the vehicles is overseen by Get Me Car Finance’s dedicated experts. At the end the three-year fixed deal, the buyer has the option of taking the car back or selling it to Get Me Car Finance at the price equivalent to the original purchase cost.

Buy to Lease’s flexibility allows interested parties to purchase one or a fleet of cars.

Those wishing to purchase a car up to the value of £15,000 can expect an eight per cent return on their money; those with £30,000 could receive nine per cent and a £50,000 purchase will see returns of up to 10 per cent.

And anyone who buys a fleet of cars – valued in excess of £100,000 – can expect quarterly hire fees of up to 12 per cent.

Myles Cunliffe founded Get Me Car Finance in 2010 to help find affordable deals for customers with poor credit ratings. His business model was a success, and he launched Buy to Lease.

Myles said: “With Get Me Car Finance, I had a clear mission to provide consumers with poor or no-credit history access to affordable car financing. 

“Now after 10 years of successfully building our brand, customer demand for our services has way surpassed my initial expectations to the point where it’s time to acquire additional fleets of vehicles. 

“That is why we are now offering the public this great opportunity to make substantial profits on their savings by owning one vehicle or an entire fleet under our fully-managed leasing agreement.”

Myles added:  “With interest rates at an all-time low, there is very little incentive in having your saving in a bank account or ISA.

“There is no better time to purchase vehicles through Buy to Lease and watch your money grow.”

This innovative method of car leasing provides a great way of generating an income while at the same time providing reliable vehicles at affordable monthly prices.

For more information on the making more of your money, visit https://buytolease.co.uk/

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